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FinCare… The Confluence of Financial Technology and Healthcare Information

Liquid FSI’s Convert2Pay™ platform is the merger of big data analytics, machine learning, and financial technology resulting in greater control, reduced risk, and improved efficiencies to the healthcare industry. We call it FinCare.

For Providers, FinCare allows on-demand insurance claim payments. For Lenders, it provides more efficient underwriting, weekly variance, and asset quality scoring. Lenders can now monitor the entire life-cycle of a transaction with full insight into cash-flow and financial commitments. For Billers, FinCare is a new product offering as well as a customer acquisition and retention tool. For Payers, FinCare functions as a Procure-to-Pay tool.

Our technology facilitates Provider-Lender-Payer connectivity while reducing the cost of customer acquisition, increasing data security and privacy using Blockchain.

Our Beliefs


We believe that knowledge is power.

Know Your Customer is critical in reducing risk and ensuring compliance. Liquid FSI goes beyond traditional KYC guidelines. We create a holistic view of a customer’s digital financial footprint using 20 data points including past payment history, social media behavior, previous email addresses, mobile activity, sanctions lists, etc.


We believe that providers of healthcare financial services move too slowly.

Waiting weeks or months for insurance payments, or for Lenders to make decisions, is unacceptable. Liquid FSI’s Convert2Pay™ -- a machine learning, asset transaction exchange solution -- allows for Providers to exchange an existing insurance claim for funds, and to do so on-demand, much like a currency exchange.


We believe that a Provider’s data is deeply personal.

For Providers, Liquid FSI’s technology ensures that data is only able to be accessed by those who need it. For Lenders, benefits can include reduced customer acquisition costs, improved customer retention, reduced risk, and the ability to target high interest sectors.


We believe that Blockchain technology builds transactional trust.

Convert2Pay™ technology will reshape the dynamic of trust and privacy in healthcare transactions because of cryptology. Providers, Lenders, and Billers on the platform run complex consensus protocols to unanimously and securely agree on what should be added to their block. These protocols provide the basis for trust, the removal of middlemen and, as a result, decrease in the overall cost of transacting and acquiring customers. 

Three easy steps to financial freedom.


1 - Verify

Submit an online application for a business loan or Convert2Pay™ Line of Credit. Liquid FSI will verify and cross-reference data from multiple sources, including NPI. Once this data has been reviewed, Providers will receive an “expression of interest.”

Approximate time: 10 Minutes

LiquidFSI Portal Screen LiquidFSI Portal Screen


2 - View

Upload all required documents, including A/R, directly from your medical billing software. Convert2Pay™ analytics will score each claim to support the value of the asset.

Approximate time: 10 Minutes

LiquidFSI Portal Screen LiquidFSI Portal Screen


3 - Convert

At this stage, your screen will be a new tool to help you manage your healthcare business. Your A/R will be shown in an easy-to-manage format, complete with helpful graphics. While scrolling through your claims, you can select the ones you want to “Liquify.” Convert2Pay™ technology will tell you the net asset value and the cost of converting your claims to working capital.

Approximate time: On Demand

LiquidFSI Portal Screen LiquidFSI Portal Screen

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“The emergence of a (killer Blockchain) app will change the world by creating a beachhead for the technology from which there will be no turning back.”

Conrad Barski, MD
Founder and CEO of Forward Blockchain

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